We love nature

For years we have been making our little escapes from the city, touring the mountains. We have slept everywhere in huts and country houses, in villas, in places with scarce, even spartan conditions… And found that after long walks in nature we recovered the fastest after sleeping on a woolen bed or a wool mattress.

What explained this?

As a true child of the city, we were used to all its amenities and modern technologies and we believed in them. We decided to do an experiment and borrowed a simple woolen mattress from a mountain hut and replaced our bed at home with it, just to check if it feels the same way as it felt in the mountain.

The result was extremely surprising

Lying on this old, even very worn mattress, we woke up every morning with more energy and more rest than when we slept in our modern, super comfortable bed. We shared the experiment with a close friend of mine. It turned out that he had experienced something similar, during the forced isolation of the pandemic in 2020, he had gone to the house of his grandparents in a remote village. This is how the idea was born to offer people a good change in their lives and first we started with ourselves, our friends and our families. We created pure wool mattresses by hand.
Of course, with the help of people who knew the tradition of old crafts. The more we went into the work, the more amazing things we learned about the oldest fabric used by humanity. Natural wool regulates body temperature. That is why Bedouins wear woolen clothes in the deserts. They protect them from the heat of the day and the night cold. Natural wool is an extremely durable material, environmentally friendly and biodegradable. It is hypoallergenic - there are no chemicals, it does not develop mites / those little bugs that cause terrible allergies. And most importantly! Sleeping on wool helps the body to breathe freely and rest blissfully.

In a word we created our natural wool mattresses to enable each of you to have what we all deserve - smiling mornings and days full of vigor and energy. And you know what? ..No longer have to count the sheep when you go to bed. We will count the sheep for you. And you will just sleep sweetly.