The Many Benefits of Wool

Pure Wool: A Nature's Gift


Purely Natural

Our wool is a 100% organic product that is harvested annually. Sourced from a renowned Bulgarian mill, the wool comes from local sheep and undergoes a gentle cleaning process using a GOTS-certified cleansing agent before being integrated into our bedding and mattress products.

Free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Our wool is inherently free from VOCs, ensuring no harmful off-gassing, and offering a non-toxic environment in your home.

Temperature Control

Experience the natural temperature regulation of wool. It keeps you comfortably cool in summer and snug in winter, ensuring optimal sleep throughout the year.

Enhanced Breathability

Wool's unique fiber structure makes it exceptionally breathable, promoting air circulation and providing unmatched comfort.

Reduces Body Odor

Wool naturally resists bacteria, unlike synthetic fibers which often exacerbate body odor. This quality helps in minimizing odor buildup.

Moisture-Wicking Properties

The natural breathability and moisture-wicking capabilities of wool help in managing body moisture, making it ideal for those who experience night sweats.

Naturally Resistant to Dust Mites

Wool's lanolin content and fiber structure naturally repel dust mites, making it an excellent choice for those seeking dust mite resistant bedding materials.


Wool's resistance to dust mites makes it a hypoallergenic option, reducing allergies and asthma symptoms. It's an excellent alternative to feather and synthetic bedding, especially for those with chemical sensitivities.

Exceptional Durability

Wool fibers demonstrate remarkable durability, with the ability to bend back on themselves 20,000 times without breaking, far outlasting materials like cotton and rayon.

Inherent Flame Resistance

Naturally flame-resistant, wool provides enhanced fire safety in bedding and furniture products without the need for chemical fire retardants.

Motion Isolation

Wool mattresses offer superior motion isolation, ideal for couples and light sleepers. This means movements on one side of the bed won't disturb the other.

Supportive Sleep Surface

Wool mattresses aid in distributing body weight evenly, reducing pressure on joints and soothing sore muscles more effectively than other materials.

Mildew Resistance, Antimicrobial & Anti-bacterial

The moisture-wicking and water-repellent properties of wool naturally prevent mildew growth. Additionally, wool's anti-microbial and anti-bacterial nature comes from its unique fiber surface, which is less attractive to bacteria compared to synthetic fibers.

Eco-friendly: Renewable, Biodegradable, and Sustainable

Wool is a sustainable and renewable resource that biodegrades completely, enriching the soil with nutrients at the end of its lifecycle.

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