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Wool Blanket - Organic Modern Furniture

Wool Blanket - Organic Modern Furniture

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Keep your bed warm with this natural blanket that regulates your body's temperature. The merino wool wicks away sweat so you can rest easy and won't irritate sensitive skin like many synthetic materials. That is why Bedouins wear woolen clothes in the deserts. They protect them from the heat of the day and the night cold.

Natural wool is a highly durable material, environmentally friendly, naturally flame resistant, and biodegradable. It is hypoallergenic - there are no chemicals, it does not develop mites / those minor bugs that cause terrible allergies. And most importantly - sleeping on wool helps the body breathe freely and rest blissfully.

Size: 35" x 53" (90 cm x 135 cm)

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  • ➤ Product Specification

    • designed and handcrafted with utmost care in Europe.

    • if interested in custom size throw blanket, please submit a request).

    • safe and natural materials (oeko-tex certified).

    • 5-year manufacturing warranty.

  • ➤ Benefits

    • chemical-free, 100% biodegradable & natural flame resistant.

    • mold and mildew resistant (wool actively manages humidity)

    • wool naturally regulates your body temperature, keeping you comfortable no matter the season.

    • reliable choice for those looking for an eco-friendly option.

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    5-Year Warranty

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    Fire Retardant

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